Pandemicene is a derivative word of Anthropocene. In Pandemicene, humans no longer have the impacts on other living forms. Instead, our life is impacted by and intimately intertwined with the pandemic. We have built a relationship with it and we are living in a world where the pandemic has taken us to a new era.


Art director: Frida Chen @fridas.friday
Stylist: Olivia Rutschka @olyviaoyster
Set Designer: Nina Marlena @ninamarlena
Photographer: Pedro Da Silva @pedrodasilvaphotographer Makeup & hair artist: Rita Prates @ritaprates_
Agency: TFM Berlin @tfmberlin


Brand list:

BRACHMANN (@brachmannofficial)

Richert Beil (@richertbeil)
Johanna Gauder (@johannaguader)

Nicole Pieper (@n_pieper)

Опубликовано: 15 июля 2021