"Pleasure" was born from the idea of telling the free love in a contemporary key but but also with a reinterpretation of clothing from a glamorous point of view with references to the 60's, which still return to be a key point of fashion "vintage". Reproposed in a current location, the day described tells of gratitude, love (away from prying eyes) and the carefree atmosphere of an intimate and relaxed moment. The day ends with the crowning of the feeling in a private form and therefore with the same freedom of expression.
This editorial wants to put at ease the public that interacts with a reality, not yet fully ready, to a wider vision of love, which is not only a current topic but always present in any age. 
These relationships have always been lived in secret for fear of judgment; in 2021 and with a society that is opening its eyes to today's reality this aspect can finally be brought to light, not forgetting that there were worse times. We have combined past and present in this project that highlights two different realities giving life to an epochal contrast.

Stylist: @federicamazzioli
MUA: @marziacristino @marsino_makeup
Model: @mafaldadipentima
Hair: @gaia_tirabassi
Photo: @seta.chiara_ph
Model: @oleksandra97_

Опубликовано: 27 июня 2021