Dark Wave for the ears and sensuality for the dance. Postpunk in Buenos Aires began to be activated in the underground scene. Cósima and Renata Bade will transport you to a dark world full of joy. In a forest, on a disco, or in a tunnel, the voices of Renata will guide you to an uncertain journey, while imploring a mermaid to fulfill her fantasies. Cósima, dj and producer, like a kind of shaman, invokes the rhythm on the dance floor.

Photo & Retoucher: Malena Zambrani @lahijadepooh
Model: Cósima Fricke @cosimafricke @welovemodels
Model: Renata Bade @_renatabade_
Stylist & MUA: Candi De Biaggi @llenadeimpalpable

Опубликовано: 10 июля 2021