The idea behind "Welcome Home" rises from the necessity of pointing out the value of coming back to our true home, to our roots, as the foolproof method through which we find ourselves and our essence again.

The contact with our home, which time has left it's footprint inevitably, the scent, the memories of times past, the touch of ancient objects and clothes, lets us reassure not only who we were before we got lost, but what kind of new person we desire to become. A haven, a safe place, that lets us heal before we go back stronger to the real world. In essence, a home.

Photo & Retoucher: Ione Adán @io_adan
MUA: Estela Serrano Bejarano @estelaserranomuah
Stylist: Irene Parrado @irene.parrado
Cr Dir: Sandra Amate @sandra.amate
Assistant: David Pérez @d4p3g0
Model: Liana Vilkelenoka @_lianavi_
Assistant: Alberto J. Moya @albertoj.moya
Video: Víctor Rabanillo @vrabaro_photographer

Опубликовано: 22 мая 2021